Whether you have the need for air supply, kitchen extraction or ductwork cleaning. Require a comprehensive assessment - audit report. Cartel London Limited will help you achieve Total Hygiene in one stop.

We are a dedicated nationwide service provider accredited by the HVCA specialising in risk management within the air hygiene sector. We have developed an extensive portfolio of corporate and private clients who collaborate with our team of qualified specialists whilst working on hygiene projects.

"Cartel London believes that valuing clients is as paramount as delivering successful results. That's why we deliver cost effective solutions on time, every time"

- Michael Carter -Director of Hygiene Services

Our philosophy has been built on years of experience that lends us to understand that our clients needs are under frequent change therefore we aim to anticipate and proactively limit your potential risks such un-maintained grease extraction systems which can lead to the outbreak of large kitchen fires.

Cartel London adheres to current UK and EU guidelines as well as the working standards set out by the HVCA. This coupled with the fact that all of our team are EU trained, Grade 1 approved duct hygiene engineers ensures best practice at every stage - therefore you can be assured that the required standards are being met.

To get the service you deserve call Cartel London Limited for a free consultation and discover the full range of benefits that we will offer you.

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