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Cartel's continuing success is based on our commitment to delivering hygiene solutions that meet changing requirements of our extensive client base. Here is what some of them have to say about our work.

"From my initial contact to the present day, Cartel has developed a professional working relationship. Where I can trust them to consistently provide air and kitchen hygiene solutions of the highest quality that never fail to meet our needs".


"We have used the services of Cartel for the past 10 years for kitchen cleaning and ductwork deep cleans and we have always been impressed with the efficient service and high standard they maintain. I would recommend this company to any facility personnel, Cartel give me the reassurance to know the standards I require are achieved."


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When a client contacted us and explained that their kitchen was in continual heavy use. Their main concern was the implications for the maintenance of the kitchen extract systems. They were also very conscious of their Health and Safety obligations.

Initially Cartel arranged a site visit during which a comprehensive risk assessment took place. The information was collected and recommendations complied into a report. That was delivered to the client within 24 hours.

The report explained to the client that there was grease contamination and both the grease filters and ductwork would need extensive cleaning. It also detailed that these issues where high risk and therefore needed to be rectified immediately.

Attached to the report was a quote to undertake the work recommended and the timescales for completion of the work. Cartel then thoroughly cleaned the ductwork removing the grease build up.

As part of the aftercare service once a system is cleaned a programme of regular and effective cleaning was implemented, following the HVCA's strict timescales with kitchen and ductwork checks at regular intervals and the grease filter cleaning service was used to provide regular cleaning and maintenance of grease filters.

On successful completion of the project Cartel issued a hygiene certificate and the client was satisfied that they had achieved safe and hygienic working conditions in the kitchen.

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